Solin is industry suburb of Split.the important is, that is located at the place of the village Salona. In the prehistoric epoch lived around the Split, Illyars, they were later the Greeks residence of island Issa (Vis) They were knocked down of Romans, who built town Salona at area of present Solin.

It became to be one of the most important town of Romans empires, Solin’s typical building are characteristic for Romans civilization. At the beginning of 7th century (about year 614) was Salona knocked down of Avars and Slovans, who destroyed town and inhabitants exiled. Some of theme camed in defence Palace of Diocletian The reminds of Salona are the most important archaeologist place in Croatia. Conserved are: part of town walls, square, theatre, amphitheatre, spa, basilica and another memorys. The part of old system of water supplying is still using .
Solin - Rests of amphitheatreSolin - Rests of amphitheatre
Rests of amphitheatre
Solin - ExcavationSolin - Excavation
Solin - Excavation
Solin - Head of statute SalomeSolin - Head of statute Salome
Head of statute Salome
Solin - AquaductSolin - Aquaduct